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  • I have used Alerin Management for many years. They are professionals willing to go the extra mile. I am extremely pleased with their services.

    -Jimmy Mapp
    - Florissant, Missouri

  • Alerin Management has been managing my rental properties for over 15 years. During that time my vacancy rates have been very low and my properties have been maintained very well. Alerin Management spends my money as if it were their own. I have come to trust Bruce Lee and his team explicitly. I highly recommend them for any aspect of real estate business and would be willing to talk personally to anyone about their qualifications.

    -Steve Croskrey
    - Jacksonville, Florida

  • Managing a person’s property is like taking care of the neighbor’s children, the parents have trust in your ability to make decisions on their behalf, having full confidence in your skill and judgement to direct and guide those wee little ones in all aspects of safety.

    Finding and selecting the right Management firm for your customer is of utmost importance, to feel confident and secure in all decisions that will be made concerning your investment, that Property Management Firm is Alerin Management. This is a company that has secured my confidence in managing my home away from home.

    Living over a thousand miles away, it would be very difficult for me to commute to and from my home, and to take care of all of the responsibilities that come with owning property long distance. It is a task that can only be assigned to someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and has the expertise and confidence to see beyond today but looks to and plans for the future concerning your property. I am truly pleased with the results and foresight that this Property Management Firm has displayed in maintaining my home and its financial record keeping. I would recommend Alerin Management in all aspects of Property Management.

    Thank you, Alerin Management for being there when trust is so important.

    Again, Thank You,

    Joseph R. Lopez

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  • Yahoo Renter Review